Selenium helps fight against cancer


This aspect of the mineral appeared after researchers investigated a large part of a million people in ten European nations. In the work, which was directed by some elements, including the considered Global Office of Exploitation in Malignancy, the substance insured against liver disease, even in the presence of variables vital risk for this tumor. 
Although the instruments of activity are unclear, nutritionist Silvia Cozzolino of the College of São Paulo says that selenium is an effective cancer prevention agent. In this line, it would be useful against all diseases that have as scenario an exaggerated generation of free radicals - case of disease.
 The actual source of the supplement is chestnut from Brazil. "Be that as it may, remember that the substance of selenium in food floats according to the type of soil on which it is delivered," says the instructor.
Chestnut: worth the cost?
One complaint in relation to it is salty esteem. 
Be that as it may, there is a contribution there: the right thing is to eat only one unit per day. This is based on the fact that when all is said and done, this amount as of now provides the daily requirement of selenium. What's more, mineral abundance is harmful. At that point the package will last.

Large sources of selenium
White hake: in 1 small fillet is 12.9 (mg).
Chicken grilling breast: 1 small unit has 8.5 (mg).
Wheat flour: 6 tablespoons contains 6.4 (mg). 
Cooked egg: in 1 egg is 5.9 (mg).

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