Best Android apps for blogging


Best Android apps for blogging
Best Android apps for blogging
Best Android apps for blogging : One of the easiest things that you can do quickly and for free at the present time is to create a blog and blogging it, everyone at the present time has become a code spread through shared interests and other information that are known.
As is the case on all cards continue to maintain interaction must be constantly renewed and all the time, and this means that you should not be absent from your computer system for a long time but sometimes it may happen and get this either for an emergency or for any circumstance will not be able the use of computers or perhaps you may want some change, so it will give you today some of the best Android apps for the codification of the notation on your blog just by your Android device without the need for a computer thing that will make you a renewed constantly on your blog as that these applications are available on many features contribute in the deployment of stylish and attractive content and thus help you to interact with visitors forums and many things you can immediately Tthbyt any application including initiating the advantage of blogging through Maziaha and wherever you are.

Best Android apps for blogging

Application Blogger -
One of the best Android apps to codify the application of Blogger, a subsidiary of Google, is the most application commonly used by a lot of bloggers It gives you control in your blog through your Android wherever you are, also offers you many options enable you to accomplish anything on your blog through it like adding a publication or image information and modify the code or even post the list, and the application of the Blogger of Google is a very common choice among bloggers.
Download application Blogger
Applications for Android notation: Buffer

Of the best Android apps to codify also apply Buffer The advantage of this application is that it provides you with the ability to share your posts across social networking sites + Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook and Twitter as easily as that wonderful feature and it contains Buffer application is that you can schedule appointments Post your content by selecting the time you want that publishing is where the social networking sites and the application will do it automatically thing that will make your followers always renewed interaction because you are a permanent publication and does not rupture, so you will be absent from social networking sites and do not have the time to share your content you can program the time and determined by the application and Buffer will matter on your behalf.

Download application Buffer

3 - Android applications notation: Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato

Of the best Android applications as well and the job is to apply Clockwork Tomato If you have many blogs and and a lot of work you have done, this application helps you organize your time to do the work required as you can allocate a certain time each Code to comply with the most to your business and not waste time on things will not help, will apply Clockwork Tomato gives you the ability to organize your time between the codes so that your business done at a specific time you allocated and thus feel better off.

Download application Clockwork Tomato

4 - Android applications notation: Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook ads

The application of Facebook Pages Manager of the best Android apps, in the case if you have a page on a private Facebook Bdontek It is indispensable to you about this application, it is a separate application from the rest of Facebook applications and special guided thread management where you can through your monitor on Facebook and managed more professional in terms of publications and pictures and post comments and answer messages as well as the thing that will increase the popularity of forums on Facebook and thus get more and more visitors.

Download the application of Facebook Pages Manager

5 - applications for Android notation: Feedly


Of the best android applications to codify the application of Feedly, if you rely on other sites for information or even if you want to follow the sites and get the news constantly, without miss any news of a new The application Feedly is most suitable application for this job is you can from your smart phone follow-up All new news published across sites that you like and follow them through the Rss technology, the application is one of the best applications in terms of access to the site and extracts RCI and it would be good to use this application to get the topics discussed on the blog.

Download application Feedly

6 - Android applications notation: VidTrim


If you're someone who rely on videos in their blog The application VidTrim of the best Android applications that you can rely on in this regard n With the application VidTrim you can create a video professionally your own on your smartphone anywhere I was, without the need for a computer and share it on your blog to stay in touch with your followers, application VidTrim saves you the trouble of waiting and gives you an opportunity to exploit the time and work videos quickly if you are interested in video work for publication, whether on your blog or YouTube. With the application of VidTrim can paste the video cut and several other advantages will identify them yourself after Taatthieb application and use it.

Download application VidTrim

7 - Android applications for blogging: WordPress


If you own a blog on WordPress The application WordPress platform of the best Android apps for the notation that you can use to work on your blog The application WordPress gives you full control over your blog and science it is easy and simple, with the application of WordPress you can edit pages and add written or image or video content As Amenk reply to the comments and as well as delete or add anything, in short everything you need to manage a blog on WordPress platform successfully will find on this application, as soon as Taatthbyth on your machine you can start to use it and benefit from the many advantages offered to you as a blogger on the WordPress platform .

Download application WordPress

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